Hello friends, I'm Soren Richenberg

Software Developer & Student

Soren at Salmon Creek

My expertise

Software Design and Development

As a programmer, I focus on performance and maintainability in my code. I have an obligation to implement the most efficient software solution that I possibly can for a given problem; this is paramount to the end user’s experience. I strive to write code that is readable, D.R.Y., and modular, to support the development of future iterations of the software.

Unix Literacy

Using GNU/Linux helps keep my computer out of my way. I am always looking for new ways to utilize software that is already available me in order to spend my time more efficiently; like version control systems, package managers, shell tools, and even my own Python scripts.

My Work

About me

Undergraduate Computer Scientist, based in San Luis Obispo, California

It brings me joy and pride to learn new concepts and apply them to difficult problems that I have not yet solved. I am currently earning a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, with a minor in Electrical Engineering, from Sonoma State University. Studying at SSU has been a great opportunity for me because of the close relationships that I have formed with my professors and the challenging hands-on work that I have accomplished.

My college education began with audio engineering and jazz performance at Cuesta College. After discovering my affinity for digital audio, I was inspired to dive deeper into the technology behind audio tools like Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) Software and Virtual Studio Technology (VST) Instruments, which led me to Computer Science. I am passionate about high performance computing, gadgets, Linux, automation, and digital signal processing in the audio domain.

Soren at Montana De Oro

My work

A selection of my programming projects

Variable Bit-Depth Die Roller using Arduino C++ Sudoku Solver